Community health worker Service and Training

Sowing Seeds Community Health Worker Training Curriculum Flyer June 2023
Sowing Seeds CHW Training Curriculum Administrative Learning Goals

Program participant testimonial

"I would say everyone should participate in a program like this because a lot of it is basic knowledge that everyone should know in order to be healthy and help our friends and family be healthy. Not everyone will be interested in being an active CHW but this program really opens up your eyes to the world of health and how it operates in our society and world. I feel I gained a lot of perspective."

"I enjoyed the videos in the power points and the case studies because it provided us with the closest to real-life exposure to real situations. I don’t usually enjoy role play but that also helped me practice and improve my motivational interviewing."

"I would say the CHW program is a great [program] which will allow student to grow and share their innovative ideas in a classroom setting."

"Assignments that were most effective were the brochure that we had to create and share with the class. It enhanced my understanding of Hypertension because the assignment put us in a teachers position."

A Nonprofit Organization to Better the Community

501c3 nonprofit organization

Our Vision

To be recognized as a quality CHW agency and CHW education provider for the medically underserved and vulnerable population.

 To provide individuals with lived experience and the competency to help themselves and others.

Our Story

Dr. Hamilton and a group of Christian friends established Sowing Seeds Music Ministry which goes to hospitals, nursing homes, medical schools, and nursing schools in Taiwan to spread the healing love of Christ through music. After the 2019 mission trip, all events were canceled; Dr. Hamilton as a primary care physician and a regional medical director at Health Net of California, Dr. Hamilton found an increasing need for community health workers with lived experienced and cultural diversity to improve the whole health of a person. Sowing Seeds Music, Inc. established its community health center, Sowing Seeds Community Health Center DBA in 2021. Collaborating with Mr. Rodney Black who has decades of CHW training experience and Chi Qian Chen who is passionate about CHW education, to develop CHW education through online platforms. Sowing Seeds Health also contract with Anthem, Caloptima and Partnership Health Plan to provide ECM and CHW services starting 2024.  Sowing Seeds Health can provide a pipeline of CHW through culturally diverse CHW training, then employ them to work for their communities.