Community Health Worker

Support Services

  • CHW agency to provide CHW services

  • CHW training and certification

  • CHW instructor training and continuing CHW education




Lead by Dr. Shawn Hamilton and Dr. Wendy Huang, they will share songs and mental health self care, help you know when to seek help, and reduce stigma. Come and share this unique experience!

A Nonprofit Organization to Better the Community

501c3 nonprofit organization

Our Vision

To be recognized as a quality CHW agency and CHW education provider for the medically underserved and vulnerable population.

 To provide individuals with lived experience and the competency to help themselves and others.

Our Story

Dr. Hamilton and a group of Christian friends established Sowing Seeds Music Ministry which goes to hospitals, nursing homes, medical schools, and nursing schools in Taiwan to spread the healing love of Christ through music. After the 2019 mission trip, all events were canceled; Dr. Hamilton as a primary care physician and a regional medical director at Health Net of California, Dr. Hamilton found an increasing need for CHW with lived experienced and cultural diversity to improve the whole health of a person. Sowing Seeds Music, Inc. established its community health center, Sowing Seeds Community Health Center DBA in 2021. Collaborating with Mr. Rodney Black who has decades of CHW training experience and Chi Qian Chen who is passionate about CHW education, they developed a 20-week program that provided CHW education through online platforms. Sowing Seeds Community Health Center will provide virtual and hands-on training to certify community health workers.