Mental Health

Mental Health Community Education Event By Sowing Seeds Health, Inc.

Funded by OC Health Care Agency through the Mental Health Services Act.

Sowing Seeds Health presents a series of mental health education for the Orange County Chinese Community through professional lectures, workshop and musical concert.  The program is carefully designed to improve mood of participants as well as helping them learn skills to self care, and reduce shame or stigma related to mental illness.

根據美國藥癮和心理健康服務局 (SAMHSA) 的統計,超過一半的終生精神疾病開始於 14 歲之前。而從出現症狀到病患接受治療平均長達十年之久。每個人一生中免於有心理健康爭戰期,尤其是我們的年輕人。特別是在有色人種社區和缺乏心理健康資源的社區,青少年面臨更高的心理健康挑戰。According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), over half of lifetime mental illness begins before the age of fourteen. On average it takes ten years from the onset of symptoms to when individuals receive treatment. No one is exempt from struggling with mental health, especially our country’s youth. Particularly in communities of color and communities with a lack of mental health resources, adolescents face higher rates of mental health challenges.

由爾灣黃珊珊內科醫師及教育專家黃雯雯教育博士,呈現2024年一月二十一日的這场心灵盛宴。在歌曲間,他們會提供有关心理健康的知识和指导,学习管理压力、焦虑和其他心理健康问题的实用技巧和即時求醫的途徑。这将帮助您更能提升自己内心的平衡和自信。您將在這場特殊的講座及音乐會中尋找回希望和喜乐,让您更加乐观积极地面对生活中的挑战,获得内心的释放和满足。免費的門票有限,這是由柑縣衛生保健局所提供的免費活動,希望讓中文社區的柑線居民,一起享受这场意义非凡的音乐会,並呈現播種歌詞作坊中譜出的生命故事,让您的心灵在音乐中得到滋养和治愈。提早预定您的门票,邀請您的朋友和家人一起来参加这场令人振奋的音乐会吧! Lead by Dr. Shawn Hamilton and Dr. Wendy Huang, they will share songs and mental health self care. Helping you know when to seek help and reduce stigma. Come and share this unique experience!

A flyer for the mental health education concert.
A crowd of people sitting in front of a screen.
Rewriting a popular Chinese pop song "Content" to help participants understand how to help others in mental health crisis following a talk on reducing mental illness stigma.