CHW training

Sowing Seeds trains community health workers (CHWs) with lived experiences to use their unique cultural or language background, their own illness journey, their justice-involved experiences, and their particular occupation or religious background to empower the patients they serve.

The human connection and compassion for patients who share similar perspectives can be very effective in gaining trust when it comes to navigating the health care system, preventive care choices, and compliance with a diagnostic or treatment regimen.

Whether it's living through a suicide attempt, domestic violence, or caring for a terminally ill family member, your life's trauma has given you the invaluable insight to help someone else navigate the health, mental and social services system. Your lived experience may calm someone in fear and desperation. Sowing Seeds provides you the knowledge to assist a provider with care plans, and the skill to provide motivational conversations. Sowing Seeds prepare you with evidence-based solutions. As a partner of Unite Us platform, Sowing Seeds will train you to have an outcome-driven encounter with a patient.

The cost is $700 for the certificate program. The training is 80 hours in total, including 12 modules that are split into three courses. We will provide mentorship for job opportunities. Continuing education for CHW and specialized CHW training are also available upon inquiry. We require that you are 18 years of age, and have earned your GED. Please email us at [email protected] for a detailed curriculum.

We will be your CHW education and consulting partner as you serve your community, and improve the lives of those you touch. You can also return to get trained to be a CHW instructor. The harvest is great, worker is few. CHW is one of the fasting growing fields as the CMS now offer all the Medi-Cal members CHW services.

Please fill out the ONLINE INTEREST FORM if you are interested, we will reach out to you with an interview.

Training Program Course Modules
Course 1 Module 1 - CHW Roles and Core Competencies
Module 2 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Introduction to Public Health
Module 3 - Advocacy, Capacity Building, and Individual and Community Assessment
Module 4 - Evaluation and Research: Providing Medically Accurate Information
Course 2 Module 5 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Nutrition Basics and Advanced Nutrition
Module 6 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Noninfectious Diseases
Module 7 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Infectious Diseases
Module 8 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Family and Reproductive Health
Module 9 - Health Education and Knowledge Base: Addiction 101
Course 3 Module 10: Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, and Motivational Interviewing
Module 11 - Service Coordination and Navigation, and Advocacy
Module 12 - Case Management, Individual Assessment, and Outreach